by Tania Basheer, Publisher

10 Ways to Overcome Procrastination

Vol . 1, Issue 8
27 Aug 2005
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Welcome to Living the dream, my monthly e-zine written to inform, inspire and invite you to take action and start living your dream.

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'True life is lived when tiny changes occur.'  - Leo Tolstoy
  Hi! From Tania

Hi Reader,

I hope you have a great weekend lined up!

This month, I'll be sharing some great strategies with you for overcoming procrastination.

I've also included a new section in this issue featuring readers' stories and feedback.

Thanks Max and Sonia for helping me kick off this section with your feedback to last month's e-zine and to Ian for inspiring us all to get into action and de-clutter. See the 'before' and 'after' shots of his office that he emailed me as proof!

Warm wishes


Tania Basheer - Publisher
Living the dream e-zine

  Feature: 10 Ways to Overcome Procrastination

Do you procrastinate? Just sometimes?

How about always? Some people do. That's when procrastination is a habit. 

Just the other day I saw a photo of my office desk (when I worked as an accountant) which looked wonderful. It was covered in flowers I had received for my 30th birthday and on my desk, there were two trays. One was marked 'in tray' and the other 'guilt tray'. Do you have one of these? 

I think most of us have suffered the ill effects of procrastination at some point in time.

If so, here are some quick tips that can help you:

  • Know you deserve a procrastination-free life: When you believe this in your soul, you'll learn to say 'no' and to focus on doing what is important for your own well-being.
  • Plan for the next day at the end of each day: Remember to always include something that you enjoy on your 'to do' list.
  • Prioritise your 'to do' list so that you do the most important things first: Give high priority to things that are meaningful to you and delegate whatever else possible.
  • Tackle the most difficult things on your list first or when your energy is high: If you put off difficult things, they have a tendency to grow.
  • Maintain boundaries around your day: Take regular breaks and end your work at a reasonable time. This will help create energy reserves and space in your life. Use this time and energy to eliminate things you are procrastinating about.
  • Reward yourself: Build in a reward for when you complete a task you see as challenging. It can be a great motivator!
  • Find an 'accountability partner' - a coach, supportive partner or friend: Being accountable to another person for what you are saying you will do who - someone who really cares about your success and won't be critical if you fail - is a giant step towards eliminating procrastination.
  • Handle paperwork only once, whenever possible: Deal with it now so it won't hit the procrastination list.   
  • Get enough rest: You may be procrastinating because you're simply too exhausted to do another thing.
  • Play: Procrastination can be our inner child saying 'I don't want to do it because I haven't been taken care of'. Make time to play. It will renew your energy and refresh your perspective.  

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  Next Month: My 10 Work/Life Success Strategies

To me, being successful ultimately means being happy.

Although we can't always control what happens around us, we can choose our attitude at any moment. I believe our daily choices - big and small - impact on our quality of life and success.

Next month I'll share my favourite strategies for work/life success. 

  Readers' Stories and Feedback

From Max ...

'You are so right about goals. I set myself a goal that within 3 years I would build up a business strong enough to allow me to buy my own office premises. I visualised the premises, saw them occupied by a colleague and a month ago they were for sale. This Friday I will be settling as the new owner and running my business model out of there.

The power of visualising what I wanted has always been with me, in fact it is now becoming scary at times. If you desire something hard enough you will subconsciously work to achieve it even when you think you are not!'

From Sonia ...

'Hey, I know you say there are no coincidences. I clicked onto one of your sponsors' websites to check it out (the Shape Up one) and thought it looked interesting but didn't act on it. Then last night, I was speaking to my personal trainer and asked her for advice re my diet. She strongly recommended I see this guy who is brilliant and gets great results - and it turns out to be Shape Up! I will give him a call and mention your advert as I can get 20% off. I will let you know how I go.'

And now, here are the before and after shots of Ian's office.

Are you ready? He thought it would take a day to do, but it was all done in just under four hours. 


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