by Tania Basheer, Publisher

10 Ways to Make Time for Your Life

Vol . 2, Issue 6
27 Jun 2006
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Welcome to Living the dream, my monthly e-zine written to inform, inspire and invite you to take action and start living your dream.

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  Hi! From Tania

Hi Reader,

Wow! I had no idea that my final weeks of winding down work to take maternity leave next month would be so busy. Much like in my past life as a Chartered Accountant, June has been one of my busiest months this year. 

So, I've decided to reward all my hard work this month with an end-of-financial-year treat. I've put a big line through Friday 30 June and, true to the theme of this month's e-zine, I'm taking time out, just for me.

I'm sure I'll find lots of fun things to do - like sleeping in, shopping, maybe a long lunch, a movie, or a massage might be nice. I hope you have a lovely day too : - )

I also hope you enjoy this month's issue. It will be my last until I return from maternity leave, which all being well, will be in late October.

Bye for now,


Tania Basheer - Publisher
Living the dream e-zine

  Feature: 10 Ways to Make Time for Your Life

Does your life seem out of control at times, almost like it's not your own?

If so, let's step back for a few minutes and do something about it.

Here are 10 ways to put YOU and your life back on top of your list:

  • Focus on what you want and need: Ask yourself, 'What do I really want or need today?' Stay in touch with what is important to you and put it on the top of your 'to do' list, rather than burying it somewhere further down, or - worse still - leaving it off the list.
  • Schedule some 'me' time into your days:  It doesn't need to be a long time, just long enough for you to enjoy doing something for you - an extra long shower, soak in the bath, listening to your favourite music or just time alone connecting with what's important for you.
  • Build reserves of time, space and energy into your days: Don't over-fill your days meeting everyone else's needs. Schedule some 'unplanned time' into each day so that you are not constantly rushing from one job or thing to the next, which will leave you feeling frazzled and too tired to make the most of any time left at the end of the day.
  • Get organised: Get rid of any clutter, so you never waste time unnecessarily looking for things. Clutter drains our energy. To make even more time for you, hire someone to do it with you or for you. A personal assistant, virtual assistant or professional organiser can help you by setting up systems and streamlining things for you, be it at home or at work.
  • Delegate whatever you can: Whether that be getting a babysitter so you and your partner can enjoy some time alone or out together, a cleaner, gardener or housekeeper to help with chores around the house or people to do the jobs you might struggle with or don't enjoy, like bookkeeping. This help will free up additional hours for you to spend doing something else. Who said we had to do everything ourselves?  
  • Focus your time and energy on meeting your own goals, not someone else's: Don't devote a disproportionate amount of time to work or other people's concerns without ensuring your own needs are being met. A good place to start is by clearly defining your goals. When we have inspiring goals, we are drawn to them and our focus shifts from spending time worrying about our problems, to fulfilling our desires. A good life coach can help you do that, so your focus stays on the most important things in your life.
  • Let go of all 'shoulds': Learn to be free of the good opinion of others. Focus on staying true to yourself and what you want, not what others want and expect from you. Life is too short to be spending it living up to someone else's expectations of us. Make living up to your own expectations of yourself your top priority and be realistic about them. You can do a quick reality check by asking yourself, 'Would I expect the same from someone else?'
  • Learn to meditate: Meditation will help you slow down your busy mind and reclaim a sense of calm, time and space. I've used a fantastic meditation CD for years, which I highly recommend, that only takes 30 minutes to listen to. You don't need to do anything other than just chill out while you're listening, and afterwards, it feels like someone has literally swept away all the rubbish in your mind with a huge broom. For details see:
  • Loosen ties with anyone or anything that is a drain on your time and energy: Do whatever it takes to limit your exposure to people who drain your energy, and create boundaries or set limits on the amount of time you devote to specific tasks to ensure you have time for whatever is most important to you in your life. 
  • Step back regularly to gain perspective: Remember to regularly step back from your daily tasks and routines to take in an overview of your life. Working with your own coach will help you do this. With the clarity that comes with a little distance and a fresh perspective, you'll soon be able to identify adjustments that will allow you greater opportunities to make time for your life.

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  Thanks So Much for Your Feedback!

A big thank you to all my clients and readers who've given me such great, helpful feedback throughout the past year and, more recently, tips and advice on becoming a mum!

I especially welcome your feedback in the next few months on my Energy Tapping Workshop DVD.  It will continue to be on sale via my website over the coming months, and I'm sure I'll be doing my own tapping regularly too!

Please also e-mail me with your ideas on specific topics you'd like covered in future 'Top 10 Tips' in upcoming e-zine issues. 

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  Next Month: I'll Be on Maternity Leave

Just a quick note to let you know that both Living the dream and I will be on maternity leave from 7 July 2006 (yes! one week earlier that I had originally planned) and coming back, all being well, in late October or early November 2006.

Please feel free to stay in touch while I'm on maternity leave and I'll respond to your e-mail personally as soon as I can.

I'd love to hear from you and will ask Peter, my incredible web guy, to post up some baby photos and news on my website in case you might be interested in taking a peek.

  Coaching Referrals

Think you might need a great coach to work with while I'm on maternity leave?

Please feel free to call me and ask for a referral. As a member of the International Coach Federation, I know many great coaches based locally in Adelaide, throughout Australia and around the world, whom I'd be pleased to recommend.

I can help you take the guess work out of choosing the right coach for you as I know the areas that these coaches specialise in, so please don't hesitate to call me or e-mail me if you'd like a referral.

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