by Tania Basheer, Publisher

10 Ways to Increase Your Business Profits

Vol . 2, Issue 7
27 Oct 2006
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  Hi! From Tania

Hi Reader,

Being a first-time mum, where else could I start this e-zine issue but by sharing our latest happy snaps of our little boy with his proud mum and dad.

Here he is having a cuddle with me and watching TV with Rick. For larger pics, you can also see him at

It's no surprise to me Jake loves watching TV, especially the football and soccer.

He was glued to the set watching the Crows' first quarter of the AFL preliminary final. But, at the start of the final quarter, he started to cry. I guess he could sense that disaster that was about to strike!

He definitely takes his 'Crow Baby' membership seriously.

Rick arranged for us to have Foxtel (cable TV) installed in our bedroom a few days after I returned from hospital.

I think that was partly because I told him that, during my week-long stay in hospital, I almost pulled out my credit card twice while watching infomercials on regular TV during Jake's night-time feeds. At 3 am, those thirty-minute ads for Anthony Robbins CDs and for the wonder make-up all the celebrities are wearing seemed very hard to resist.

I hope you enjoy this month's issue.

Warm wishes,


Tania Basheer - Publisher
Living the dream e-zine

  Feature: 10 Ways to Increase Your Business Profits

Even though one business might seem totally different to another on the surface - a restaurant, for example, compared to a hair salon or financial planning practice - the basic elements of a business are always the same.

When we take the time to analyse how well each element of our business is functioning, we can easily start to identify ways to increase our business profits.

My friend and successful entrepreneur, Andy Ireland of, divides the elements of each business into five profit zones: 1. lead or prospect generation; 2. conversion rate; 3. number of customer transactions; 4. average dollar spend per purchase or customer; and 5. your margin.

If you'd like to learn how to easily increase your net profit by 61%, please join Andy and me on Thursday 2 November for a fr*ee 90-minute telecall, when we'll talk about how to awaken the hidden profits in your business.

To join us, reserve your place below at the time that best suits you.

For 10 am - 11.30 am Adelaide CST on Thursday 2 November, go to:

For 6 pm - 7.30 pm Adelaide CST on Thursday 2 November, go to:

Note: the morning call time will suit callers from the USA and the evening call time will suit callers from the UK.  

Based on the five profit zones, here are ten places to start looking to find the hidden profits in your business:

  • Shop front: If you have physical business premises, what do they say about your business? Can your customers and potential customers find you easily? Does your signage attract your ideal customer or turn them away and is the layout of your premises ideal for what you're trying to achieve?
  • Website: If you don't have physical premises, do you have a website? Many potential customers will do their own research on your business, products and services before deciding to approach you. Are you happy with the rate of enquiries or sales that you're achieving through your website or could it work better? Make sure you have a secure website if you intend selling products and accepting payments on-line, or you could miss out on sales!
  • Your offer: Do you have a compelling offer that draws in customers and entices them to buy from you? I recently purchased a beautiful $1.00 card that was on display outside a lovely gift shop. That offer enticed me to go into the shop and to look around a bit. Although I ended up just buying 5 cards for $5.00, I've now discovered a great place to shop for Christmas presents this year and will definitely go back. Many cosmetics companies also do this well with a free gift with purchase.
  • Your USP: Know your unique selling proposition and communicate it well in your advertising. Get help from professionals in crafting your message to ensure that you profit from your advertising. For example, recently, I learned in a direct marketing seminar that the use of serif fonts, such as Times New Roman and Georgia, in printed marketing materials will increase comprehension of your message by 67% - and therefore the response rate! I've tested this  personally by changing my e-zine font to Georgia and the immediate response rate increased by 300%!!!   
  • Training is key: It's critical that you and your staff fully understand, as well as confidently communicate, the benefits of your products and services to your customers. A restaurant might have a wonderful chef, but if the waiting staff don't know the difference between a rocket and a garden salad - and mind you I had two young waitresses argue the point with me when I was given the wrong salad - it can ruin a great dining experience. Here, education of waiting staff could make a huge difference to the success of this business.   
  • Repeat sales: Many businesses work hard to get a customer to purchase once, with little thought or attention given to the next and subsequent purchases that customer might make. When a customer has had a great buying experience, they are very likely to return to buy the same or another product or service from you. To encourage repeat sales, ensure that you have an effective follow-up process and ways of keeping in touch with and nurturing your current and past customers relationships.
  • Product range: Understand your target market and offer them products and services that solve their problems and fulfil their wants and needs. Happy customers will often purchase more than one product or service from you if you make them aware of your range. In most cases, it's also a good idea to offer different things at different pricing points.
  • Up-sell: Whenever you have an opportunity to up-sell, do so. I still remember my teenage days working at McDonalds and asking customers 'Would you like fries with that?' I was always surprised that almost everyone said, 'OK, yes' and then went on to buy a thickshake or a sundae as well.
  • Your pricing: Don't be afraid to increase your prices over time. Many business owners, particularly service providers, sell themselves short by keeping their prices the same for several years while their costs continue to rise and eat into their profits. Remember that your prices are also an indication to the marketplace of the quality of your product or service. 
  • Your margins: Do you know what the industry average margins are for your business and how your business is tracking in comparison? Margins vary according to industries. For example, according to, net profit margin before owners' salaries for a restaurant should be around 15%, whereas for a hair salon it should be around 30%, and closer to 40% for a financial planning business. If your margins don't stack up, review your financial figures in detail to determine why. Your accountant, banker, financial adviser or a business coach like me or my friend Andy Ireland of can help you identify where to focus your attention and how to get on track to easily increase your business profits.

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  Two Fr*ee Teleclasses: Awaken Hidden Profits!

If you're in business, or contemplating going into business, I invite you to join me on Thursday 2 November at either 10 am or 6pm Adelaide CST, for a *special* 90-minute fr*ee telecall during which I'll be interviewing my friend and successful entrepreneur Andy Ireland of about How to Awaken the Hidden Profits in Your Business and Increase Your Bottom Line Profit by 61%.

In this fr*ee telecall you'll discover:

  • how to easily set your business up as a profit dynamo and awaken hidden profits sleeping under your nose
  • the five main profit zones in your business
  • how to easily ramp them up to give you a 61% better return (I like the sound of that!)
  • how to bust through any roadblocks or barriers you might be experiencing right now
  • the only two ways you can grow your business - unless you know this, your business will never be what it could be
  • why simple high school maths is your friend.

This telecall will be in the form of a 'webinar', so you'll get the most from the call if you can be in front of your computer to see the examples discussed during the call.

Reserve your place below and choose the time that best suits you.

When you register, you'll receive conference call number details and password and a 'webinar' link to click on at the time of the call. You might like to purchase a $5 phone card to use to cover the cost of the call if you're calling from Australia. 

For the 10 am - 11.30 am Adelaide CST call on Thursday 2 November, go to:

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Note: the morning call time will suit callers from the USA and the evening call time will suit callers from the UK  

Register your spot any time you like before the event. I suggest you do it now, while you're here!

Feel free to pass this invitation on to anyone else you know in business. I'm sure they'll find the information in this call valuable.

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  Next Month: 10 Steps to Creating Your Dream Career
Next month I'll share some of my tips with you on clarifying, setting and achieving your career goals. 

  Professional Development Sessions: CPA Congress

Next month, I'll be giving two professional development sessions at the 2006 CPA Congress in Adelaide.

These sessions are open to anyone who might want to attend, so in case you're interested, the details are:

Thursday 16 November 5.40 pm - 6.30 pm De-Stress, break free and enjoy life: improving your life through energy tapping.

Friday 17 November 11.35 am - 12.30 pm Clarifying, setting and achieving your career goals.

The SA 2006 CPA Congress is being held at the Adelaide Convention Centre, North Terrace, Adelaide. Tickets are $121 per session and available by calling 1300 85 77 05 between 8.00 am and 6.00 pm Aust EST, Mon - Fri or online at

Jake's Auntie Jayne will be in charge of baby-sitting on both days and, if the CPA Congress staff have their way, Jayne will be bringing Jake along to check out the Congress Exhibition and get lots of cuddles! 

Please come up and say 'hi' if you're there.

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