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by Tania Basheer, Publisher

10 Ways to Have a Hot Relationship

Vol . 3, Issue 2
27 Feb 2007
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That's hot.

- Paris Hilton
  Hi! From Tania

Hi Reader,

I hope you had a lovely Valentine's Day, if you chose to celebrate it.

Rick and I found a different way to mark the occasion this year. Although we'd planned a romantic lunch date overlooking the River Torrens, the final instalment of my root canal treatment put an end to that. So to make up for it, I went out and bought a crayfish for us to share for dinner.

Then, just as I thought everything was back on track, Jake got sick. A temperature, vomiting and more vomiting. Was it teething? A virus? A gastro bug? 'Yes, it could be' said the doctor when we took Jake in to see him at 7 pm. I bet he hadn't expected to be spending Valentine's Day mopping up a huge baby vomit from his consulting room floor.

Good thing I'd organised something for us to eat later that night.

I hope you enjoy this month's issue on how to have a hot relationship.

Oh, and if you'd like to see Jake at his best, you can view his christening photos at: www.basheer.lionandblue.net. So cute! The mystery man and woman are Jake's godparents.

Warm wishes,


Tania Basheer - Publisher
Living the dream e-zine

  Feature: 10 Ways to Have a Hot Relationship

No matter what state your love life might be in - still looking, just met, divorced, living together or married, with or without children - having a hot relationship is possible for all of us.

First, a word of warning from relationship expert, Dr. Phil. The qualities that might have attracted you to your partner initially, like tall, dark and handsome, won't necessarily ensure you'll enjoy a hot relationship.

But, if you're ready to enjoy a fun and loving, intimate relationship in which your deep desires and needs are being met, here are 10 tips to help you create your own hot relationship:

  • Still looking for Mr or Ms 100% Perfect? If you are, then you're dreaming and wasting your time because your Mr or Ms 100% Perfect doesn't exist. A better approach, suggested by relationship expert Dr Phil in his book Love Smart, is if you're looking for a partner who'll have a realistic chance of being your ideal partner, look for one who has 80% of the characteristics you want. What's equally important he suggests, is to be clear on what you absolutely don't want or won't tolerate in a partner. He calls these deal breakers. If Mr of Ms Amazing exhibits any traits, qualities or characteristics that go against your values and ideals, it doesn't matter how cute you think they are, give them a miss, because they'll drive you out of your mind in no time at all. Check out Dr.Phil's book Love Smart for some great exercises to help you work through this process.
  • Remember that finding your ideal partner is just the beginning! Fairy tales that end in 'happily ever after' imply that just finding your prince or princess is the end of the story and guarantees you an idyllic life. In reality, finding Mr or Ms Amazing is just the beginning. From there, your relationship will continue to grow and change as will the circumstances of your life. Our ability to understand that every relationship is a living organism will make it easier to accept times of greater or lesser intimacy, for example when a parent dies or a child is born. Don't struggle against changes. Continue to share your thoughts and feelings and to be supportive of one another. When you're in a hot relationship, your partner will be there for you through thick and thin. Help them to support you by letting them know what you want or need from them.
  • Does it feel right? Tracey Cox, author of Hot Relationships, says that there are five key areas that appear to make or break a relationship: chemistry, compatibility, common goals, pace and timing, and that couples who remain blissfully bonded for life tend to connect in all five areas. She goes on to say, while chemistry alone won't guarantee you'll enjoy a hot relationship, it's essential for a long-term happy liaison. If the chemistry isn't there in the beginning, it's unlikely it will ever be there in the future. And, if you're not sure if a potential relationship feels right, ask for guidance from your intuition. Scientists say that those of us who rely on our gut instincts in relationship matters make much better decisions than those of us who rely on rationality and cold facts.
  • Pillow Talk: Make a regular date for some pillow talk. Crawl into bed together and talk openly with your lover. Spend some wonderfully intimate time sharing your secrets, hopes and fears. You don't necessarily need to crawl into bed to do this, though that's half the fun!
  • Be generous in expressing your love: You can skimp on how much you pay for groceries or on how much you spend when you go out to dinner, but don't skimp on expressing love towards your partner. It's free and can be done in so many different ways, so make sure to do it every day. Eye contact, kisses and a genuine, loving welcome home hug when your partner walks through the door take no time at all, but have a lasting impact and will make your honey feel special.
  • Sacred time: If you want a hot relationship, make spending time alone together one of your highest priorities. Regularly carve out time in your busy schedule that's devoted solely to the two of you as a couple and fill that time with something that nurtures a facet in your relationship. You can make it a weekly ritual, like a walk at dawn, sharing a sunset or an afternoon between the sheets, but whatever you choose to do, make it high priority and commit to it.
  • Surprise each other: Put a little variety into your relationship by changing a routine from time to time. Even if you enjoy the rhythm of your predictable, stable life it, can be very refreshing to have it shaken up and varied a bit. Go out for a coffee together instead of having it at home or delight your partner by cleaning the house or their car. 
  • Playtime: Balance out the seriousness of every day life by making time for some silly, childlike playfulness. Anything goes as long as it makes you giggle, from a bubble bath for two to watching a comedy together, to tickling matches or a home disco where you make up your own words to songs or funny dance moves.  
  • Time apart: As much as you might love spending time together, it's also beneficial for you both to enjoy spending time apart and to support each other in pursuing individual interests. Stepping away to enjoy your own friends and interests gives you the opportunity to come back and share tales of your separate adventures. Spending a day or a few apart can also feel very refreshing and create a sense of newness when you come together again.
  • Share your dreams: Encourage each other to visualize and verbalise your personal goals and dreams, including those around your relationship and life together. Most of us are shy to admit to what we really want and hope for, so offer your partner a safe, non-judgmental and trusting place in which to share. Respect and nurture your loved one's dreams and whenever possible, work together on achieving your common goals and dreams.    

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If you think I might be able to assist you, please give me a call on Adelaide (08) 8338 3134 or 0411 471 941.

Or, refer a friend in the month of March. They'll  receive $50-off their first coaching session and you'll receive a $50 Myer gift certificate.

  Summer Special Competition

ENTER TODAY - over $150 value! 

Winner's name will be posted on my website tomorrow, 28 February 2007.

Simply click on the competition image to enter for your chance to WIN a copy of The Total Energy Tapping Workshop DVD Package, including:

  • DVD
  • Downloadable workbook
  • Full-colour workbook in hard cover folder

plus a 60-minute consultation (in person or by telephone) with me.

For more information about energy tapping visit: www.blueskycoaching.com.au/energytapping.php

  Clear Your Emotional Debris!

Did you know, the cause of all negative emotions is a disruption in the body’s energy system? Because our physical pains are so obviously connected with our emotions, our unresolved negative emotions are major contributors to most physical pains and diseases.


E.F.T. offers a simple, non-invasive way to clear emotional pathways leading to reduced stress and pain. You can use it anywhere in just minutes, offering relief for everything from fear of flying to chronic back pain.


In my Energy Tapping Workshop DVD, I share a full Energy Tapping seminar with you and provide you with all the tools to begin your journey towards clear emotional pathways.


The DVD complete with workbook is available for just $69 + postage and handling.


To learn more, visit my website at www.blueskycoaching.com.au/energytapping.php


In less than an hour, my Energy Tapping Workshop DVD will teach you, step-by-step, how to use E.F.T. to help you:

  • eliminate stress, anxiety, depression and panic attacks
  • control your fears - like crowds, heights, flying, spiders, public speaking
  • end your self-sabotaging and limiting beliefs and behaviours
  • overcome procrastination and increase motivation
  • improve your self-confidence and self-esteem
  • subdue overwhelming feelings
  • boost your sports performance
  • recover from addictions - like alcohol, smoking, gambling, substance abuse
  • relieve debilitating pain - like backache and migraine headaches
  • lose weight.

To read testimonials and reviews or to order one of my DVDs, click on the Energy Tapping workshop button or please feel free to contact me to arrange a one-to-one, in person or telephone session with me on (08) 8338 3134 or 0411 471 941.

  Next Month: 10 Tips for Better Communication

Next month we'll take a look at ten ways to communicate better so that you'll be clearly understood.

  Looking for a Professional Speaker?

Are you looking for a professional speaker for your next event, conference, seminar or workplace training session?

I'm available for speaking engagements and I'd be especially delighted to present my unique, one-hour De-stress, break free and enjoy life: improving your life through energy tapping stress management workshop.

Here are some recent comments from participants who attended this workshop at the 2006 South Australian CPA Congress:

'Great presenter, very interesting topic. Quite relaxed environment.'

'Very interesting technique which I've never heard of. Great to be introduced to it.'

'Very useful session for general wellbeing.'  

They gave it an average rating of 4.33 out of 5.00.

If you're in Adelaide, feel free to come along to Cosmic Pages bookstore, 338-340 King William Street, Adelaide on Saturday 17 March at 2 pm, to hear me speak about energy tapping.

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Hundreds of HR Managers in Australia found all the information they needed to develop their attraction and retention strategy - in one place.

Where? At an Attracting and Retaining Talent Masterclass.

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> Proven techniques to enhance attraction and retention

> Proforma attraction and retention plan

> Case studies

> Example employee value propositions to enhance employer branding

> Draft a Strategic Attractions and Retention Plan for your own organisation on the day

> Invitations to Fast Forward - local follow-up attraction and retention events to encourage and support you as you implement your plan.

Visit www.developmentatwork.com/testimonials.htm to see what past participants say about how this masterclass helped them.

Bridget Hogg
Principal Consultant
HR Development at Work - Adelaide's Attraction and Retention Consultancy
Telephone and fax number (08) 8322 8455


Supernanny Sandra
B. Education ~ 0413 800 663

Hello! I am Sandra and I have a degree in Education as well as training in the Montessori method of teaching. 

I have had a large amount of child minding experience with children of all ages and have a passion for encouraging and developing children!

I work as a relief teacher, babysitter, tutor, live-in weekend nanny, supervisor of family functions, children's parties etc.

Ages birth to 16 years.

To find out more about the fantastic services I can offer you and your children, please call me on 0413 800 663.

I would love to hear from you!

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