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by Tania Basheer, Publisher

10 Things To Do When Business Goes Quiet

Vol 4, Issue 7
27 July 2008

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"It is funny about life: if you refuse to accept anything but the very best you will very often get it."

- W. Somerset Maugham

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10 Ways to Manage Your Relationships

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Hi! from Tania

Hi there,

Greetings from Queensland's Sunshine Coast!

Rick, Jake and I are enjoying a few days of sunshine, rest and relaxation (although travelling with a two-year-old isn't really all that relaxing) at the Hyatt, Coolum. The perfect escape from the winter cold of Adelaide!

Today's Jake's second birthday, so we're off to Australia Zoo to check out the wildlife. Funny that we haven't actually visited our local zoo at home yet. I can't wait to see Jake's reactions. 

Warm wishes,


Tania Basheer - Publisher
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Feature: 10 Things To Do When Business Goes Quiet

Feature: 10 Things To Do When Business Goes Quiet

How do you react when business goes quiet? Many businesses, at some time or other, experience quieter times. This could be due to the seasonal nature of a business, but more often than not, it'll be due to the success or failure of putting goals and strategies in place to ensure a steady flow of business.

It's important to continuously monitor and reflect on the outcomes of your business strategies, and especially to take stock when business is quiet. This will help you plan the actions needed to result in you achieving your business goals.

Here are 10 things you can do when business goes quiet:    

  • Review existing or prepare new business and strategic plans: You do have written ones, right? Clarify your business purpose and vision and ensure that the directions you're heading in are aligned with your purpose and vision. Review the strategies you've been following and get clear on which ones are and which ones aren't working so well for you. A good business coach can help you here.
  • Review your numbers: Get clear on which numbers will help you monitor your current as well as future success. How many new clients did you get/lose this month? How long does it take to see cashflow from a sale? How many sales calls did your sales team make and what was their conversion rate? What was the return on investment on your last advertisement? What is your staff turnover?
  • Re-connect with your clients and customers: If you don't already do so, create ways to maintain regular contact with your existing clients, for example through a newsletter, regular mail outs, or phone calls. You do have an up-to-date mailing or contact list for your current and past clients and customers, don't you? If not, now's the time to create one and start using it. If you need a reason to call them, ask them for ideas for your upcoming blog or newsletter. You'll become aware of their current challenges and, needs and by doing so, you can ensure you stay relevant to them.
  • Get testimonials and ask for business referrals from your clients and customers: Your existing, happy clients and customers are the most likely people to refer new clients and customers to your business. Enlist their help in growing your client/customer base by asking them to provide you with testimonials of their experiences of using your product or service. Display these on your website or use them as part of your promotional materials to help your prospects decide if your product or service is right for them. Ask your clients/customers for referrals and let them know how much you value their referrals by acknowledging each one, for example, by providing them with a complimentary product, service or gift.       
  • Reach out to new prospects and introduce yourself to them: Call potential ideal clients and provide them with something of value as a way of introducing yourself to them. For example, send them an article that would be of interest to them, or send them a small promotional product that is relevant to their needs and that they'd appreciate.  
  • Provide an outstanding customer service experience: Treat your exisitng clients and customers in a way that makes them raving fans of your business and reward your staff for all the positive feedback received from your clients and customers.  
  • Acknowledge and thank your supporters: Get in touch with the people who've helped you and express your gratitude. It could be clients or customers, suppliers, advisors, colleagues or other business referrers. Take them to lunch, out for a drink or simply write them a thank you note. 
  • Review your policies and procedures: Are all of your policies, procedures, systems, forms used, promotional materials, signage, etc. up-to-date, or are you using outdated information or ways of doing things? Take some time to review and reflect on all these things to ensure they are maximising the effectiveness of, not hindering the success of, your business.  
  • Start creating some positive daily habits: Reflect on your daily work habits and notice which ones are supporting your business growth and prosperity and which ones need tweaking. For example, you could start with doing at least fifteen minutes of marketing each day, regardless of whether you're busy or quiet. This habit in itself could ensure a steady flow of future sales.
  • Develop yourself and your team through coaching: Your people are generally your organisation's most valued assets, so it's essential you give them opportunities to continually develop their capabilities, feel  challenged and grow in their roles. Coaching is the most effective tool today, to ensure new learning is embedded and integrated by staff into their daily work habits on an ongoing basis. Learn coaching skills so you can coach your team effectively and hire a well-qualified coach to coach you. Your coach will help you work on strategy, stretch your thinking and give you regular feedback to help you keep improving and reach your next level of excellence and success. 

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Next Month: 10 Ways To Manage Your Relationships

When you look at your calendar, who or what takes up most of your time?

A lot of us have calendars filled with family obligations, work-related social commitments, events friends are dragging us along to and dreaded appointments. Now, think of the people who really intrigue and inspire you. Where do they show up in your calendar?

Problem is, we can often take our dearest relationships for granted and waste precious time on social obligations that are personally unfulfilling.

Next month we'll look at how to match our schedules to our true relationship priorities. 

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