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by Tania Basheer, Publisher

10 Ways to Create a More Balanced Lifestyle

Vol 4, Issue 12
27 December 2008

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“There is more to life than increasing its speed."

-  Mahatma Gandhi

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Hi! from Tania

Hi there,

I hope you're enjoying this festive season and looking forward to the new year. We're now slowly counting down to the birth of our baby, due on 17 February 17, and I'm relishing the opportunity to have some time off in January after a really busy year.

I don't have a photo of Jake with Santa this year to share with you. That wasn't such a pleasant experience this time for Jake. Although he was really excIted when he saw him from afar, the reality of sitting on Santa's lap wasn't as good.

I do, however, have a short video clip of Jake's first concert appearance, led by Miss Caroline at his daycare Christmas party. I hope you enjoy it as much as we did. He's the star that emerges after song two from the back row wearing a navy and white star t-shirt. He runs off the stage after song three, but you'll get the picture.

Bye for now and I look forward to catching up with you in July 2009 when I'm back from maternity leave.

Happy New Year!

Warm wishes,


Tania Basheer - Publisher
Living the dream e-zine

Feature: 10 Ways to Create a More Balanced Lifestyle

Feature: 10 Ways to Create a More Balanced Lifestyle

Do you crave a more enjoyable lifestyle with a less hectic pace?

Do you find yourself snowed under with chores, work and personal commitments that aren't really fulfilling?

Here are 10 ways to start creating a more balanced and less stressful lifestyle:    

  • Create a vision of your ideal lifestyle: Think about how you'd truly like your life to be. What would make you feel truly happy and alive? You can write down your thoughts and feelings, or you might prefer to gather pictures and create a collage that represents your vision. Refer to your vision often and take steps each day to move toward it. 
  • Orient your life around your highest values: Become clear on what you value the most. Is it good health, happiness, freedom, family, financial security, adventure, peace? These things will all show up in your vision for your ideal lifestyle and, when you start living in alignment with your highest values, you'll feel more balanced and experience a greater sense of fulfilment and happiness. 
  • Put yourself on top of your priorities list: When planning your days, weeks or the year ahead, ensure what you want and need is being taken care of before you start accommodating everyone else's wants and needs. When you take extremely good care of yourself, everyone around you will benefit from experiencing the best possible you. 
  • Set aside some time each day for fun and relaxation: Whether you meditate, listen to music, paint, read, go out with friends or on a date, take a long bath, get a massage, see a movie or go for a walk - choose an activity that helps you re-energise and enjoy yourself. 
  • Start reducing your daily commitments: If you find yourself snowed under with commitments, start saying 'no' to anything that is not absolutely essential, enjoyable or supporting your ideal lifestyle.  
  • Introduce simple routines to alleviate chaos: Create some helpful routines that will help you reduce chaos. Having a morning and evening routine, especially during the working week, can help get your days off to a great start and finish. Check out a great website I came across recently called for good examples of morning and evening routines.  
  • Make your wellness a top priority: Nurture your body, mind and soul. Spend time with uplifting people, exercise, learn new things, enjoy new adventures, eat well, drink lots of water, get creative, keep a diary or personal journal. 
  • Create strong boundaries for work and your personal life: Don't allow your work to take over your life. Decide on reasonable limits and stick with them. Let people know what is and what isn't OK with you. No-one should live their life with tolerations. Notice anything that you might be tolerating and eliminate each one of these, one at a time.  
  • Get into the habit of doing one thing at a time: Far from being time-saving and efficient, multi-tasking most often leads to many things being started but not finished, higher levels of stress, exhaustion and a reduced ability to focus properly. Learn to do one thing at a time and enjoy the difference in your energy levels. 
  • Delegate and get help when you need it: Are you packing far too much into each day? Slow down and start pacing yourself before you burn out. Look for ways that you can achieve the same results without necessarily doing everything yourself. Ask for help or hire help and delegate whatever you can. Be in a position to return the favour when someone reaches out to you and asks for your help or support too.    

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