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by Tania Basheer, Publisher

10 Ways To Change Your Life with EFT

Vol 5, Issue 1
27 July 2009

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"When you have exhausted all possibilities, remember this - you haven't."

- Thomas Edison

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10 Ways to Work Less and Achieve More

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Hi! from Tania

Hi there,

Here I am sitting at my desk on a fitness ball (you know, the one I bought when I was pregnant to use as part of my fitness routine, which I didn't, but hey, I am now!) and I'm hoping it doesn't burst. I'm sure it won't, it just feels like it might.

Why am I doing that? Well, I read that sitting on a fitness ball helps you get a flat belly because you have to use your stomach muscles to balance and stay on the ball. You sure do, especially when you have a baby on your lap who would rather play than sleep! I also read that just sucking in your belly actually also helps to tone it. That's good, because I'm doing that when I'm out and about. Yes, I know, sit-ups are the best.

This month I thought I'd share some tips with you about EFT (emotional freedom technique) and some of the great ways you can use it. I've also recently created a special fr*ee report, How to cut your stress levels in half in less than 10 minutes using EFT which you can download here  if you're interested.

I'm actually using EFT right now with baby Holly. Madam has just decided she doesn't want to drink from a bottle. I think she's put two and two together and figured that if she drinks from a bottle that means her mummy can leave her with a baby sitter sometimes. Smart cookie! Let me know if you have any suggestions on that one.

Warm wishes,


Tania Basheer - Publisher
Living the dream e-zine

Feature: 10 Ways to Change Your Life with EFT

Feature: 10 Ways to Change Your Life with EFT

If you've been reading my e-zine for a while, you'll have noticed that, as well as coaching, I teach people how to use energy tapping or EFT (emotional freedom techniques).

For me, EFT is the flip-side of coaching. I see coaching as being about helping people achieve what they want in life and EFT as a way to help people get rid of what they don't want, such as negative thoughts, feelings and behaviours, which often get in the way of achieving what they do want. One thing that I especially love about EFT is that it often works when nothing else will. 

If you'd like to get a quick idea of how it works, check out my website and get a copy of my fr*ee report How to cut your stress levels in half in less than 10 minutes using EFT . As the EFT approach is always the same, regardless of what you use it for, you can use this report as a guide to help you shift whatever else might be bothering you. I plan to expand this new site over coming months, however, in the meantime, feel free to e-mail me on if you have any specific questions I can answer for you about EFT.

Here are some great ways EFT can be used to make changes in your life:    

  • Reduce your stress levels: Regardless of why you might be using EFT, simply using the technique creates a relaxation response. Even the most highly stressed people who can't seem to meditate, be hypnotised or won't take time out to exercise, can cut their stress levels quickly using EFT. If you'd like to try it, visit my EFT page and get your copy of my fr*ee report How to cut your stress levels in half in less than 10 minutes using EFT. 
  • Overcome anxiety, panic attacks and depression: I love that EFT is a drug-free way to do this and doesn't require you to get into the details of, or to the bottom of, what has caused these feelings before you are able to shift them.
  • Get rid of fears and phobias: I've used EFT successfully with many people to overcome the fear of public speaking (including me). One of my clients used beta-blockers prescribed by a psychiatrist, who told her that's what he did. She felt ill for days leading up to making presentations before learning EFT, and was amazed at how effective this technique was. Other examples include fear of flying, spiders, snakes, bridges, crowds and social phobia. I recall seeing one client about social phobia because they didn't feel they could handle being in a workshop situation. Now, however, I also have my home study packages, so learning EFT at home is possible. 
  • Lose weight: This technique is great for eliminating food cravings, overeating, resistance to exercise and overcoming negative feelings such as overwhelm, frustration or feeling deprived of your favourite foods, all of which can sabotage your efforts in losing weight.
  • Overcome addictions - such as smoking, drugs, gambling: One of my clients was suffering from extreme anxiety, for which she took Valium every day. She also wanted to give up smoking. After one session with me, in which we worked only on her anxieties, she said she'd continue to use EFT at home. After a week, she let me know that she had reduced her smoking from a packet a day to just one or two, and that she was no longer using Valium! She told me she had forgotten to take her Valium tablet the day after her session with me and found she really didn't need to use it anymore.  
  • Increase your confidence: One way to do this is to use EFT on any negative thoughts or repetitive self-talk, such as 'I can't do it', 'I'm not good enough'.  
  • Improve sleep: If you're a person who lies awake at night with thoughts racing through your mind, use EFT to release those thoughts and induce relaxation to help you fall asleep. It's also a great way to clear your mind of and erase any negative charge associated with nightmares! 
  • Boost performance: Sporting, acting, music, singing and exam performance are some areas where my clients have applied EFT successfully.
  • Pain relief: EFT is great for migraine headaches (this was my initial reason for learning EFT) and many other physical pains. To see how quickly one of the workshop participants featured in my EFT Home Study package got rid of shoulder pain, check out this short video clip (approx 9 minutes).
  • End limiting, self-sabotaging beliefs and behaviours: Always running late? Do you procrastinate? You can also use EFT to help you stop thinking and doing anything that's not working for you.

Disclaimer: Although EFT is a proven powerful and effective healing method, please do not substitute this technique for the professional advice and services of a qualified medical practitioner, psychiatrist or psychologist. If you are under medical supervision, please consult your medical health professional regarding your use of EFT.

For more business, executive and life coaching tips to help you achieve your goals and create and live the life you've always wanted, visit: To find out more about how you can work with me personally, visit:,  or call me on 0411 471 941 or (08) 8338 3134 or e-mail me on

A Warm Welcome to Trish - my Girl Friday

As I now have two lovely 'little people' in my life to look after, I will only be coaching on Tuesdays and Fridays this year. If that works for you and you'd like to work with me, please call me on either 0411 471 941 or (08) 8338 3134 to arrange your sessions. 

To help me make the most of my working days, Trish Silvestrino has joined me as my Girl Friday. You guessed it! Trish works for me on Fridays. 

Cut Your Stress Levels in Half in Less Than 10 Minutes!

Don't believe it's possible? Well, it is! Find out how in my new fr*ee report: How to cut your stress levels in half in less than 10 minutes using EFT.

I've proved it to myself over and over again, with small groups of people, through to conference groups of over 100 and 250 participants. Best of all, EFT takes just minutes to do and it's a technique you can use anywhere, anytime that you need it. I love this breakthrough technique because it's a painless way to address the causes of stress, without going into the details, and it eliminates the associated emotional charge, fast.

Visit to find out how you can learn EFT any time through one of my EFT Home Study packages, or call me on (08) 8338 3134 or 0411 471 941 if you'd like to arrange a one-to-one session, workshop or conference presentation.

Winter Special Competition - Drawn 31 August

Winter Special Competition - Drawn 31 August

Drawn 31 August 2009. 

Enter now at and WIN a copy of my *new* EFT Home Study Package PLUS which includes a copy of my Energy Tapping Workshop DVD, a downloadable workbook, hard-cover workbook folder PLUS a 60-minute EFT session with me, in person or by phone, to address any specific issues you'd like help with. Valued at $A197.

EFT is a very powerful and easy-to-use technique that takes just a few minutes to do and you can quickly learn to use it with my EFT Home Study Package PLUS. It can help you dissolve any negative emotions, thoughts or behaviours, so you can start living your ideal lifestyle.

Last competition winner: M. Cain

Next Month: 10 Ways to Work Less and Achieve More

I've just started reading The 4-hour work week, by Timothy Ferris. That sounded to me like the amount of time I'd ideally like to work, so next month, I'll share some tips from there, once I know how to make that happen.

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