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by Tania Basheer, Publisher

10 Negotiation Tips To Help You Get What You Want

Vol 6, Issue 2
27 February 2010

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"If you don't ask, the answer is always No."

- Tony Robbins

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10 Ways to Have a Business and a Life 

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Hi! from Tania

Hi there,

How are you? I hope you've enjoyed a great start to this year.

I found it really nice that my first talk for this year was at a local community centre on the topic 10 ways to get the new year off to a great start. It was interesting to find that we all shared similar goals - weight loss, putting ourselves first (for a change), having the confidence to do whatever we wanted to and feeling more connected to our partners and friends. Sound familiar? If you'd like to apply some of the strategies we discussed to your own goals, you can read  10 ways to get the new year off to a great start here.

Rick, Jake and I had the pleasure of spending Valentine's Day celebrating our little Miss Holly-dolly's first birthday. Here are some pictures of our baby girl on her big day. I think she especially enjoyed being carried around like a little princess by all her friends! And Jake couldn't have been more excited to have Thomas the Tank Engine painted on his face, although he did have to line up and very patiently wait his turn while one of the dads had a little dragon painted on his arm.  

Warm wishes,


Tania Basheer - Publisher
Living the dream e-zine

Feature: 10 Negotiation Tips to Help You Get What You Want

Feature: 10 Negotiation Tips to Help You Get What You Want

A few weeks ago, I attended a one-day event here in Adelaide called 'Reinvent yourself - a new year, a new you' and must admit, I had a few 'aha' moments as I listened to Jen Dalitz of share her '10 dos and don'ts to negotiating what you want'.

Here are her tips as I captured them:

  • Be confident: No-one knows if you actually are or you aren't. If you need time to think through how you can do something, just say 'OK, I'll get back to you. That shouldn't be a problem!' First impressions count. Be bold. Don't falter. Go in confident and stay confident. Be the person you want to be to get the outcome you want to get.
  • Strike the right balance between giving and receiving: You can't be the one always giving, without receiving. Think equal energy exchange. You need to ensure balance between what you want and what the other person wants. Often, women give too much. Ask yourself, 'Am I receiving as much as I am giving?'
  • Do your homework: Understand before you go in - what are the options? What are the alternatives? Who else is bidding against me?
  • Know what the other side values: What does the other side want to get out of this?
  • Be clear on what outcome exactly you are looking for: Make sure you can communicate what it is that you really want. Be clear, so that you can get a 'yes' or 'no' response from the other side. 
  • Don't make the first move: A note of caution - don't apply this rule to relationships as it might mean nothing will happen! There are only a limited number of second moves in any negotiation. You need to always be thinking of your next move, in case the position you wanted to take isn't possible (much like playing chess). Don't be caught off guard. Have a Plan B. 
  • Don't assume anything: History is interesting, but it isn't essential for planning the future. Be naive and assume that anything is possible.
  • Don't lose your cool:  Take a deep breath and don't take any negotiation personally. If all else fails, do nothing.   
  • Don't give all your power away: Be prepared to walk away. Even if you can't choose the way the game is played, you can choose your response. Be comfortable with silence.
  • Don't give up!: Persist when you're in a battle. On average, it takes four attempts before you get to a 'yes'. Have the expectation that you might not get exactly what you want straight away.

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Next Month: 10 Ways to Have a Business and a Life

Is your business taking over your life? Are you tired of feeling overwhelmed and exhausted most of the time?

Next month, we'll look at 10 tips to bring a sense of balance and fulfilment back into your life.

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