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Living the dream is published on the 27th of every month by Tania Basheer of Blue Sky Coaching.
by Tania Basheer, Publisher

10 Important Skills for Young Entrepreneurs

Vol 6, Issue 6
27 June 2010

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Quote of the month

"We need to learn to set our course by the stars, not by the lights of every passing ship." 

- Omar Nelson Bradley

Next month's feature:

10 Ways to Keep the Small Stuff from Taking Over Your Life

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Hi! from Tania

Hi there,

This month has been, well, a bit of a shocker for me. Kevin Rudd's hasn't been too good either. Maybe there's something happening in the cosmos.

Jake and Holly were side-lined from daycare for a week each, which of course, side-lined me from work for two. So for the past two weeks I've been madly playing catch-up, with hugely variable degrees of success. I'm sure any mum or parent can relate to this scenario.

Yeah, so ... your point is? I learnt I am not superwoman. I am only human.

So, with that new found knowledge, I'm going to go back to just being me. Life's much simpler this way! A big thank you to my lovely songstress friend, mum and fellow coach Stephanie Gill, who you'll find out a bit more about in this issue, for reminding me of that, and of who I am.

This e-zine issue is dedicated to all of my wonderful entrepreneurial clients and friends. You inspire me!

Warm wishes,


Tania Basheer - Publisher
Living the dream e-zine

Feature: 10 Important Skills for Young Entrepreneurs

Feature: 10 Important Skills for Young Entrepreneurs

Are you an entrepreneur? Do you have what it takes to bring something new to the market?

According to Professor Tom McKaskill, serial entrepreneur and educator from the Australian School of Entrepreneurship, Swinburne University, some common characteristics of successful entrepreneurs include having bigvisions, passion, energy, focus and grit.        

Here are 10 important skills he suggests budding entrepreneurs need to develop, from his book Masterclass for Entrepreneurs - creative solutions for resilience, growth and profitability to achieve business success:

  1. Lifelong learning: Before an entrepreneur can even start their development, they must accept that they can't be good at and know everything. Not only should the entrepreneur take advantage of the educational opportunities that are available, they should seek out experienced entrepreneurs who can contribute to their learning.
  2. Basic business skills: Business knowledge provides a platform for a lifetime of entrepreneurial activity. Make sure the learning is good quality and relevant to the industry. Ask experienced entrepreneurs for advice on reading material and education programs.
  3. Knowing how to evaluate opportunities: Without a profit there's no long-term resilience in a business. Before embarking on a new venture and throwing hard-earned savings at it, use evaluation models to test the worth of any new venture.
  4. Building a great team: It's through the combined efforts of the team that entrepreneurs achieve their personal successes. The successful entrepreneur learns how to select and motivate the best people.
  5. Strong communication skills: Stakeholders won't embrace concepts they don't easily understand. Successful entrepreneurs are able to sell the simplicity of the concept and do it quickly.
  6. Building strategic relationships: Networking can bring new clients, but it's also an imperative to assist the entrepreneur's continual learning. Networking is simply about taking the time to meet other people that can help an entrepreneur develop.  
  7. Embracing technology: The ability to adopt and use the variety of technology tools available has a direct effect on the bottom line. Young entrepreneurs need to be well versed in the new language of technology.
  8. Managing Risk: The more an entrepreneur can uncover and validate their business assumptions, the less likely they are to be exposed to uncertainty in a business venture. Successful entrepreneurs project what can go wrong with a venture, mitigate the risks wherever possible, and only proceed if the worst-case situation is at an acceptable risk level. 
  9. Developing an international perspective: Catering to international markets ensures growth. Companies need to be willing to see the global market as the source of revenue.
  10. Sharing rewards: The entrepreneurs' success comes from the achievements of those around them. Successful entrepreneurs understand the need not only to share the rewards to encourage motivation, but also to share the equity with those who create wealth for the venture founders.

Self-coaching action: Review your status on this list of 10 tips and develop an action plan for a gradual improvement in your position on each one.

For more business and life coaching tips to help you achieve your goals and create and live the life you've always wanted, visit: www.blueskycoaching.com.au/ezine/index.php. To find out more about how you can work with me personally, visit: www.blueskycoaching.com.au, or call me on 0411 471 941 or (08) 8338 3134 or e-mail me on tania@blueskycoaching.com.au.

How Are You Nurturing Your Soul?

One of my inspirational friends and fellow coach Stephanie Gill emailed me the other day saying that, at the age of 45, she has just released her debut CD, Resilient Soul.

After 12 months of focused attention on a joint venture, whch involved launching a new business, Steph knew the business partnership was not providing what she wanted. Feeling somwhat deflated, she made the decision she knew was right and ended the partnership in December 2009. At this point, Steph temporarily lost her mojo, so she looked inward to find inspiration.

Since she was 15, she had heard a little voice inside her whispering that she should be writing and singing about what was going on inside her. She dutifully ignored the voice ... but only for 30 years! Then, in 2008, a close friend died and she felt compelled to write about her friend to share with others at her friend's memorial service. She wrote and recorded her first son, and has since captured songs in the moments that they have come to her.

In January 2010, still feeling flat from ending her business partnership, she decided to ask a friend to help her complete and polish some songs. In March, The International Coach Federation were looking for presenters for their 2010 Coach week Events. the theme was "Building Resilience". 

Stephanie felt strongly aligned to the theme, given what had happened in her business life, so decided to create a workshop for the event. She also decided to record the songs she has written so she could launch her CD at the workshop. And so ... it was done. Stephanie's workshop was a hit! And, she ended the workshop by singing her song "Flame" - all about fanning that tiny flame inside our souls.

This process has re-energised and re-inspired Stephanie in her coaching business and her life, opening up new opportunities and connections. According to Stehanie, "Often, the things that inspire us most are right under our noses - we just need to pay attention to the inner whisper."

If you'd like to re-ignite your flame, inspire yourself (and others!) and nurture your soul, have a listen to some of the tunes on Steph's CD.

In the month of June 2010, Stephanie is donating $2 from the sale of each CD to the Queensland Cancer Council, so if you'd like to buy her CD, you'll also be supporting a worthy cause.

Visit Stephanie's Blog to check out her CD. 

It's Time to Have a Business and a Life!

Has your business become all-consuming, leaving you little time and energy to enjoy life?

Working with your own business and life coach is a great way to identify and make the changes that are necessary either inside or outside your business to enjoy living your entrepreneurial lifestyle.

If you think you'd like to work with me, please give me a call on  (08) 8338 3134  or  0411 471 941 and let's have a chat about coaching.

Until July 22, Ill be available in person (in Adelaide) or by telephone (outside of Adelaide) on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays between 9.30 am and 5.30 pm and from 22 July, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.

End Of Financial Year Coaching Competition

End Of Financial Year Coaching Competition

Enter now at: http://www.blueskycoaching.com.au/special.php for your chance to WIN 2 coaching sessions with me plus a copy of 'Coach yourself into action - how to get what you want with 7 simple strategies' by Mary Lou Johns.

Be quick! Drawn 30 June.

In Coach Yourself into Action, Mary Lou provides ways for all those who procrastinate, hold back, or are fearful about setting out in new directions, to get moving. She clearly describes an energising set of simple strategies that work.

Through illuminating stories and easy exercises, Mary Lou shares her expertise as a personal coach and shows you how to use 7 simple strategies. She explains the concept, gives plenty of examples of how people have used it to their benefit, and walks you through it, step by step.

Previous competition winner: V. Comley

Next Month: 10 Ways to Keep the Small Stuff from Taking Over Your Life

Do you sweat the small stuff? According to Richard Carlson it's all the small stuff.

Thankfully, my children Jake and Holly are my constant, beautiful reminders to not 'sweat the small stuff.'

Next month I'll share 10 great tips from Richard's book Don't sweat the small stuff to help us find ways to keep everything in perspective.

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