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Living the dream is published on the 27th of every month by Tania Basheer of Blue Sky Coaching.
by Tania Basheer, Publisher

10 Tips for Successful Strategic Alliances

Vol 7, Issue 2
27 February 2011

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Quote of the month

'I'd never join a club that would have me as a member.'

- Groucho Marx

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10 Ways to Get Things Done

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Hi! from Tania

Hi there,

Have you had a chance to enjoy any of The Fringe events yet? If you're free in Adelaide tonight, check out Quake, Rattle and Roll at Umbrella Revolution in The Garden of Unearthly Delights at 9.45 pm. The star-studded fundraiser is to help the people of our sister city, Christchurch, following this week's devastating earthquake. It has been organised by Kiwi performer The Boy With Tape on His Face, who comes from Christchurch, and his wife, Lili la Scala. Tickets are $25 and performers include Peter Helliar, Arj Barker, Le Gateau Chocolat, Tom Gleeson, The Freak and The Showgirl, Sammy J & Randy, Mickey D, Tumble Circus (IRE), Sam Simmons and Patrick Monahan (UK).

This year Jake and I are booked in for four Fringe kids' gigs and our first one, The Gigalees, was a huge laugh, at least according to Jake and his best friend Olivia.

We also celebrated Holly's 2nd birthday on a gorgeous Sunday morning with another one of those irresistible Dora the Explorer icecream birthday cakes! I've included a few shots as well of Holly and her friend Marco playing in our garden. Although she was keen to get on the swing, see-saw and trampoline with Marco, she also had a cheeky pattern of abandoning him within seconds.

Warm wishes,


Tania Basheer - Publisher
Living the dream e-zine

Feature: 10 Tips for Successful Strategic Alliances

Feature: 10 Tips for Successful Strategic Alliances

Forming the right kinds of strategic alliances can lead to increased business profitability and expansion, without a significant investment of money or commitment of other resources to achieve these results.

When forming alliances and once they've been formed, here are 10 tips to make them successful, from Smart Match Alliances by Judy Feld and Ernest F. Oriente:

  1. Think big!:  Starting now, think in new ways. Away from 'go it alone,' toward collaboration. Away from one-dimensional thinking like 'My success is directly proportional to my investment of blood, sweat and tears' toward a matrix of ideas and professional relationships that produce exponential success. Away from 'in-person as often as possible' toward 'as virtual as possible', drawing on the best resources, minds, ideas, products, services and more - regardless of where they're located around the globe. Away from 'risk averse' toward 'risk-free experimentation with new ideas.' As you systematically think big and raise the bar for yourself and your business, you prepare yourself to hear opportunity's knock. Are you ready to open the door?
  2. Get ready to play: Are you someone you'd like to partner with? Try the SmartMatch Alliance-Ability Checklist and see how you rate. Several actions can jumpstart your alliance readiness and prepare you to play. Develop readiness habits that will enable you to recognise unplanned opportunities, make non-linear connections, take a leap of faith based on your instincts, make timely adjustments in your business plans, look for the new, the different, the untried, and take pioneering steps onto new ground before anyone else. For example, make the time to read everything you can about trends and developments in your current and target PINS (your profession, industry, n iches - who you're focusing on - and specialties - what you're good at). Be a lifelong learner. Keep your skills, resources and expertise current, and start each year by selecting the industry or professional seminars and trade shows you'll be attending. Continue to master the technology that powers your industry or profession. Also, be ready for alliance inspiration - those 'aha moments' - to hit in unlikely places and at unexpected times - when grocery shopping, showering or sitting in traffic. Jot down these new ideas so you can act on them.
  3. Positioning and visibility: Make it easy for potential alliance partners in your current and target PINS  to find you. Impress them with your professionalism and expertise and increase your appeal as a potential alliance partner. Each of the following strategies will help you gain visibility and exposure and, as a bonus, the increased exposure you get will help you sell more products and services along the way! Write articles that showcase your expertise and submit them to publications and organisations serving your PINS, such as magazines, trade publications, association newsletters, blogs, or magazines. Create your own e-zine or e-newsletter to stay in touch with individuals and businesses in your PINS with frequency and regularity. Or, consider hosting teleforums, speaking at industry, professional and educational events, and driving traffic to your website. Research the products and services of your competitors and, if possible, experience their strategic alliances. Look for how these alliances were created, what's being offered, how the alliance is being marketed and clues to any financial arrangements.
  4. Find high potential alliance partners: Get clear on your reasons for pursuing an alliance - what's in it for you? What results would you like the alliance to produce? For example, you might want to generate more sales, attract new prospects, streamline your operations, expand your internet presence or strengthen your own brand. How would you like for this to happen? Give these questions some careful thought. Use an alliance journal to record your responses. The more specifically you consider these ideal outcomes, the more targeted your alliance-building efforts will be. List the marketing and visibility assets you want your alliance partner to bring to the table, such as an e-newsletter, a website with high visitor volume, frequent trade show attendance, a radio or TV show, strong branding, a service or expertise that your clients or customers would value. Also, list your non-negotiables, such as integrity, at least 3 to 5 years in business, a content-rich user-friendly website, policies, practices and a culture that match yours.
  5. Analysing potential partners: Gather as much information as you can about your high potential alliance partners. Subscribe to their e-newsletter and ask for back issues. Speak to others who've formed alliances with them in the past - how would they rate their experience? If available, review the company's annual reports, assess their website content and note their current partners and affiliates.
  6. Evaluating potential alliance partners: Consider the potential quality of the relationships with this potential partner. For example, does communication flow easily, do you see things in the same way, will negotiation be smooth, fast and simple or like pulling teeth?
  7. Initial conversations: Begin the alliance conversation with a call or in-person meeting. Let your enthusiasm shine through, approach the conversation as an exploration. Be flexible and open to new ideas and be specific about what each of you will bring to the alliance and  the proportional benefits - for example 10-90, 90-10, 50-50 - and why. Discuss possible timeframes for an initial or pilot alliance project. If your potential partner continues to be interested, initiate a second contact in which you work toward agreeing on precisely how your alliance would work. Re-state the goals of the alliance and mutual gains, be crystal clear about roles - who will do what and when - specify your non-negotiables, ask for agreement that each alliance partner will respond to the other within 24 hours and discuss the specifics of the value exchange that will move the alliance forward.
  8. Agreements: Create a brief written agreement, with start and end dates (and exit clause), that clearly states what each alliance partner will do for the other. This agreement will serve as a useful reference tool before, during and after the alliance is formed, and will ideally leave no room for interpretation about what each alliance partner will provide.
  9. Maximising your alliance results:  Be a good alliance partner by upholding your end of the exchange of value and adhering to all deadlines. Keep score on the ongoing success of your alliance. Compare the desired with the actual outcomes. Has there been an increase in your customers or clients? Has there been an increase in your revenues? Are you enjoying working with this alliance partner? Watch out for signs that the alliance isn't working, such as your partner not producing agreed-upon deliverables or doing so half-heartedly, not returning calls, or you spending a disproportionate amount of time on the alliance - more than you think you should. If the alliance isn't working, act swiftly and act proactively with your partner to solve problems if possible. If you can't resolve the issues, give your partner 30 days notice that you intend to exit the alliance. Keep your exit light and easy, 'This is just not a workable match for me right now,' thank them and wish them the best.
  10. Enjoy expanding: Let growing your business be fun (it doesn't have to be hard work and you don't need to do it alone) by aligning yourself with high quality alliance partners.   

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Next EFT Circle - 12 April 2011

As next month is fondly referred to in Adelaide as 'mad March,' The Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) Special Interest Group (SIG) will be taking a short break and resuming our monthly EFT Circle meetings on Tuesday 12 April 2011, in the boardroom of the Fullarton Park Community Centre, 411 Fullarton Rd, Fullarton SA. Cost: $10.

Please let me know by reply e-mail if you'd like to come or if you'd like to be included on my EFT mailing list. Next month's topic will be Pain relief using EFT.

Our EFT Circles are for coaches, therapists and and anyone else in the community interested in exploring EFT applications, such as how EFT can be used to relieve pain, facilitate weight loss, overcome addictions and boost confidence and self-esteem.

To learn this simple, proven technique, see the many options I have available to work with me at: www.blueskycoaching.com.au/energytapping.php

I am available for 1:1 sessions, speaking engagements and private group workshops on Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays. 

Direct Line: (08) 8338 3134

Mobile: 0411 471 941

Email: tania@blueskycoaching.com.au

2011 Tapping World Summit - 10-Day Virtual Event

A quick reminder to all EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) enthusiasts that the 2011 Tapping World Summit is now on!

This f.ree online virtual event was attended by over 100,000 people last year and is a great opportunity to hear from 19 of the world's leading EFT experts including Nick Ortner (Using tapping to help achieve your goals), Brad Yates (Tapping with children) and Australia's own Steve Wells (Tapping for anxiety relief). This event started on 21 February and runs for 10 consecutive days. It includes basic information for beginners as well as advanced, never-before-revealed strategies, for people who already know about tapping. 

When you register (which you can do here) you'll also receive immediate access to 3 bonus interviews on tapping with Nick Ortner, Carol Look and Dawson Church, which will explain this powerful technique, how to do it, the science behind why it works (how it re-wires your brain and deactivates old, conditioned thoughts of stress or trauma) and how you can quickly and easily implement EFT to improve the quality of your life.

Each day of the event, two expert interviews and trainings will be posted to the event site and registrants will have 24 hours to listen to these trainings before the next day's training will replace it. See the full list of event sessions here. There is also an opportunity to purchase recordings of all sessions if you miss any!

Summer Coaching Competition - Winner Drawn Tomorrow!

Summer Coaching Competition - Winner Drawn Tomorrow!

Enter now at: blueskycoaching.com.au/special.php for your chance to WIN two business, executive or life coaching sessions with me and a copy of Stephanie Dowrick's Intimacy & Solitude Self-Therapy Book, valued at over $300!

There are times in all our lives when help from others is essential. But there are also times when it is uniquely beneficial to use and develop our own inner resources. Extending the richly rewarding approach of her international bestseller, Intimacy & Solitude, Stephanie Dowrick draws us into a particularly accessible and enjoyable way to enhance self-knowledge and skillfully increase our appreciation of others.

Whether you have an hour to spare each week, or just a rare twenty minutes, whether you are troubled most about how to be alone, or how to be with others, this invaluable book will immediately uplift your emotional and spiritual life.

Christmas Competition Winner: J Fazzalari

Next Month: 10 Ways to Get Things Done

Do you struggle to get things done?

Next month I'll share 10 tips from David Allen's bestselling book Getting things done, to help you get organised, manage competing priorities and generally get more done each day with less stress.

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