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Living the dream is published on the 27th of every month by Tania Basheer of Blue Sky Coaching.
by Tania Basheer, Publisher

10 Ways to Get Things Done

Vol 7, Issue 3
27 March 2011

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Quote of the month

'Out of the strain of the doing, into the peace of the done.'

- Julia Louis Woodruff

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10 Reasons to Eat More Chocolate

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Hi! from Tania

Hi there,

With everything going on in Adelaide lately, I actually had a whole week this month when my clients re-scheduled their sessions, which gave me an opportunity to get more done both at home and in my office. Quite synchronistic really, given this month's topic is getting things done.

Must go, as we're off to the Our World, My Home Children's Art Exhibition now at the Dunstan Playhouse to see one of Jake's best works of art. If you happen to go, look out for his upward sloping house with pink roof and windows.

Warm wishes,


Tania Basheer - Publisher
Living the dream e-zine

Feature: 10 Ways to Get Things Done

Feature: 10 Ways to Get Things Done

Do you struggle to get things done?

According to David Allen, bestselling author of Getting things done, no matter what the setting, there are 5 stages we need to go through to get through our tasks:

'We 1.collect things that command our attentions; 2.process what they mean and what to do about them; and 3. organize the results, which we 4. review as options for what we choose to 5. do.' Visit David's website to download a chart illustrating these 5 stages.

Unfortunately, one of the major reasons many people haven't had a lot of success with getting organised, is simply that they have tried to do all 5 stages at the same time. For example, when they sit down to 'make a list' they try to collect the most important things in some order that reflects priorities and sequences, without setting out many or any real actions to take. 

Here are 10 tips to help manage each of these stages:

  1. Gather together 100% of all things incomplete in your world: To eliminate any 'holes in the bucket' and get on top of everything undone - personal or professional, big or little, urgent or of minor importance - gather all of  your 'stuff' together using a collection device and make sure it's somewhere physical, other than your head. For example, use a physical in-basket, e-mail, paper-based note-taking, electronic note-taking or a voice-recording device. Most people have several collection devices operating at once and are more or less out of control. Allen suggests the following three requirements to get this phase working effectively 1.Capture every 'open loop' (thing undone) into your collection system and out of your head; 2. Use as few collection buckets or devices as you can get by with; and 3.Empty these buckets regularly. 
  2. Work out what it is: The next important step is to work out what 'stuff' is and what to do about it. Ask yourself, 'Is this 'stuff' actionable?' 
  3. If the 'stuff' is actionable, there are three possibilities: 1. If it's trash and no longer needed, eliminate it. 2. If no action is needed now, but something might need to be done someday later, incubate it in a 'tickler' file or calendar these actions. Examples might be books to read, wine to taste, things to do with the kids. 3. If the item is potentially useful information that might be needed for something later, reference it in a good filing system so it can be easily retrieved when required. Allen recommends one, simple A - Z alphabetical filing system to be used to file everything by topic, project, person or company so a document can be in only 3 or 4 places if you forget exactly where you put it. Also, get rid of hanging files if you can and use just plain folders standing up by themselves in your filing drawer or bookshelves. 
  4. If the 'stuff' is not actionable, two things need to be decided: 1. What project or outcome have you committed to? 2. What's the next action required? 
  5. If it's about a project: If the actionable item relates to a project (where a project means any desired result that requires more than one action step), capture the outcome you've committed to on a 'Projects List.' For example, publish book, update will or finalise budgets. Projects don't need to be listed in any particular order. Just create a master list so you can review it regularly enough to ensure appropriate next actions are being defined for each project. Each project listed will serve as a stake in the ground that reminds you that you have an 'open loop.' A weekly review of the list will bring this item back to you as something that's still outstanding. It will stay fresh and alive in your management system until it is completed or eliminated. Your 'Projects List' will be merely an index. All of the details, plans and supporting information that you may need as you work on each project should be contained in separate file folders, computer files, notebooks or binders.    
  6. What's the next action?: The 'next action' is the next physical, visible activity that needs to be engaged in to move the current situation toward completion. For example, 'Talk to Angela about the filing system we need to set up' or 'Research database management software on the Web'.
  7. Will the next action take less than 2 minutes to do?: If yes, do it the moment it's defined! 
  8. Will the next action take more than 2 minutes to do?: If yes, ask yourself 'Am I the right person to do it? 
  9. Delegate it: If you're not the right person to do the next action, delegate it to whoever is.  
  10. Defer it: If you are the right person to do the next action and it will take longer than 2 minutes to do, defer acting on it immediately. For every action that needs to happen at a specific time or on a specific day - enter these in your calendar or diary. Those actions that need to be done as soon as they can - add these to your "Next Actions List'. And, all those that you are waiting for others to do, put those on a 'Waiting For List'.   

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For more business and life coaching tips to help you achieve your goals and create and live the life you've always wanted, visit: www.blueskycoaching.com.au/ezine/index.php. To find out more about how you can work with me personally, visit: www.blueskycoaching.com.au, or call me on 0411 471 941 or (08) 8338 3134 or e-mail me on tania@blueskycoaching.com.au.

April EFT Circle - Pain Relief Using EFT

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Easter Coaching Competition - Drawn 22 April

Easter Coaching Competition -  Drawn 22 April

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Discover David Allen's powerful methods and vastly increase your personal organisation, efficiency and creative results - at work and in life.

Lean how to:

  • Apply the 'do it, delegate it, defer it, drop it' rule
  • Reassess goals and stay focused in changing situations
  • Plan and unstick projects
  • Overcome feelings of confusion, anxiety and being overwhelmed
  • Feel fine about what you're not doing.

Summer Competition Winner: D Parsons

Next Month: 10 Reasons to Eat More Chocolate

With Easter just around the corner, I thought it would be fun and interesting to look at 10 reasons why eating more chocolate (the good dark stuff, that is) can be healthy for us. So, feel free to start stocking up on some good quality, dark chocolate Easter eggs and treats and enjoy them!

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