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Living the dream is published on the 27th of every month by Tania Basheer of Blue Sky Coaching.
by Tania Basheer, Publisher

10 Ways to Increase Your Business Cashflow

Vol 7, Issue 6
27 June 2011

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Quote of the month

'The more my assets grow, the more my cash flow grows.'

- Robert T. Kiyosaki

Next month's feature:

10 Tips for Better Business Cash Flow Management

In this issue:


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Hi! from Tania

Hi there,

Today two of my best friends are celebrating their birthdays - and one of them at the Authenticity Day Spa with 4 hours of spa treatments and lunch - how totally blissful!

In this month's issue I'm sharing some great ideas I learnt from the very dynamic inspirational speaker, comedian and author Dale Elliott to increase business cash flow. Although his 'Up Your Cash Flow' workshop was for designed for coaches and consultants, these concepts are applicable for many other types of businesses. I've already implemented one of these myself - my new  Basic EFT Package, available now for just $37. 

I also had the pleasure of catching up with Rick's cousin Adam Basheer this month and test-driving his excellent online business planning tool, BPlan. With a little bit of arm-twisting (no, not at all!) Adam's generously offered all readers a great incentive to try it - see my recommendation (and a special promotional code) below. 

Warm wishes,


Tania Basheer - Publisher
Living the dream e-zine

Feature: 10 Ways to Increase Your Business Cash Flow

Feature: 10 Ways to Increase Your Business Cash Flow

How happy are you with the consistency of your business's cash flow? Is it always dependent on you fulfilling a contract or providing a service, or are your business's assets generating a stream of income for you?

Here are 10 ways to start increasing your business cash flows, and potentially exponentially, through one or a mix of the following:

  1. A book or e-book: Many entrepreneurs, such as Richard Branson, have shared their experiences, skills and know-how through writing a book. Of course, he took the next step and also created his own online book store! Not sure if you're ready to do that just yet? Write an e-book instead. See my new Basic EFT Package  or Dale Elliott's self-published book Can't Walk Can Fly. Sell 40 copies per month at $37 and generate an additional $17,760 per year. Learn everything you need to know about writing and publishing a book and receive the opportunity of winning a $10,000 publishing deal with Hay House on Cheryl Richardson and Reid Tracy's 13-night Australian cruise program.
  2. An audio program: Don't want to write? How about sharing your expertise in an audio format, such as a 6-CD set or in an MP3 format - see Business Essentials Business in Focus program or  Ali Brown's 21 Cash Flow Strategies. Sell 2, 6-CD sets for $297 per month and generate $99,792 per year.
  3. A DVD program: Ali Brown is a master of these - see her Online Success Blueprint System 2.0 package, a combination of DVDs, CDs and workbooks. Sell 8 12-DVD set packages at $997 a month to generate $95, 712 per year. Or, perhaps start with a less daunting single DVD package with accompanying notes, such as my Home Study EFT DVD package.
  4. Membership subscriptions: These can work well for virtually any industry or business type. See for example Fabienne Fredricksons Client Attraction Inner Circle.  At $67 per month per member, with 25 people enrolled each month, generate $20,100 per year.
  5. Webinars: These are easy to host regularly and are very accessible. Again, have 25 people per month attend a webinar priced at $67 and generate $20,100 from webinars per year. See Live One for example.
  6. Tools and templates: These can range from iPhone apps to WordPress themes or devices or other online tools, such as BPlan online business planning. At $97 per download, with 10 downloads per month, you can generate $11,640 per year. Have a great idea for an app? Check out applabs.com.au and have your idea turned into a state-of-the art app. 
  7. Speaking: Speak at, or MC other people's or organisations' conferences and events. A one-hour keynote presentation once per month at $3,000 per event is $36,000 per year. If you'd like some help in developing your skills and confidence in presenting, talk to my my friend Sharon Ferrier at Persuasive Presentations.
  8. Live events: Host a live event on your own or involve others too. You can do these virtually too, such as a telesummit. At $497 per seat, with 17 attendees per event, that's $101,388 per year. Or, splash out and make it a cruise!
  9. Coaching progams: Make these available at $500 per person per month. With 10 participants per month, that's $60,000 per year. Check out my coaching programs at Blue Sky Coaching, from $295 to $595 per month. 
  10. Mastermind programs: At $2,000 per person per month, with 10 participants, generate $240,000 per year. See: The Executive Connection. 

How do you you know what and in which format to offer to your clients and target market? Ask them either personally or through surveys, blogs, e-mail or twitter.

More tips: 10 Secret Ingredients for SOHO Business Success; 10 More Tips for SOHO Business Success;  10 Steps to Successful Networking10 Marketing Strategies for Your SOHO Business; 10 Things to Do When Business Goes Quiet; 10 Business Development Strategies for Professional Practitioners ; 10 Ways to Attract All the Clients You Need10 Tips for Successful Strategic Alliances.   

For more business and life coaching tips to help you achieve your goals and create and live the life you've always wanted, visit: www.blueskycoaching.com.au/ezine/index.php. To find out more about how you can work with me personally, visit: www.blueskycoaching.com.au, or call me on 0411 471 941 or (08) 8338 3134 or e-mail me on tania@blueskycoaching.com.au.

Next EFT Circle - EFT for Children

Join me next month for our next EFT Circle meeting.

Note: Please BYO water as we always do some hands-on EFT and it's essential to stay well hydrated when doing any energetic healing work.

When: Wednesday 20 July 2011

Topic: EFT for Children

This EFT evening is especially for parents, teachers, caregivers or other EFT therapists and health care professionals interested in supporting children through EFT. Applications discussed will relate to various issues, including working through traumatic or frightening situations such as nightmares, bullying, fear of tests and exam pressure; performance anxiety - in sporting or other competitions or music performances; or personal traumas such as a death in the family, death of a pet, or family breakdown.  

Where: The Community Room of the Fullarton Park Community Centre, 411 Fullarton Rd, Fullarton SA

Time: 7.30 pm to 9.30 pm.

Cost: $10.

RSVP: By Monday 13 July to Tania at tania@energytappingworkshop.com or on 0411 471 941 if you'll be joining us, and/or if you'd like to be included on my EFT mailing list.

Our EFT Circles are for anyone in the community interested in exploring EFT applications.

To learn this simple, proven technique from the comfort of your own home, or to work with me personally, visit my new EFT website: www.energytappingworkshop.com or call me on (08) 8338 3  134 or 0411 471 941 to discuss your needs.

New Energy Tapping Workshop E-book, Just $37!

This month I've added The Energy Tapping Workshop e-book, just $37, to my new EFT site.

Get your copy at: www.energytappingworkshop.com.

When you do, you'll also be entered automatically in my monthly prize draw to WIN a copy of my EFT Home Study package, valued at $97. 

EFT is a great technique to help with overcoming fears and phobias - like public speaking - as well as any negative thoughts and behaviours that might be holding you back from living life the way you'd truly like to.

End of Financial Year Competition - Drawn 30 June

End of Financial Year Competition -  Drawn 30 June

Enter now! WIN 2 business coaching sessions with me, in person or by telephone, and a copy of Sir Richard Branson's book Business Stripped Bare valued at over $500!

The brave may not live forever - but the cautious do not live at all!

Sir Richard Branson is an iconic entrepreneur. Now he shares the inside track on his life in business and reveals the incredible truth about his most risky, brilliant and audacious deals. Combining invaluable advice with remarkable and candid stories of Virgin's greatest achievements, as well as some of its setbacks, this is a dynamic, inspirational and truly original guide to success in business and in life.

Whether you are an executive, an entrepreneur or are just starting out, Richard strips business down to show how you can succeed and make a difference.

Autumn Competition Winner: N Bayford

Tania Recommends ... BPlan - Online Business Planning

BPlan is a great online business planning tool that I'm really excited to share with all of my business owner and entrepreneurial clients.

It uses a step-by-step approach to deliver a clear and concise plan. It also takes the guesswork out of the planning process and will challenge you, in a positive way, to really think about the critical issues facing your business. So, if cash flow is one of your important issues, what strategies and actions will you use to manage it?

BPlan will then help you  follow through with your actions and meet any deadlines with a series of automatic reminders. Managing team members can also be an issue. With this tool, you can allocate tasks to your team, and let BPlan track these for you. You'll be more efficient, positive and effective as a result of BPlan which is great for the business as well as great for you!

You are invited to receive 30% off your monthly subscription fee if you subscribe to BPlan before 31 July. Simply visit www.bplanlive.com, select the plan most suitable for your business and enter the promotional code: BLUESKYC    

Sponsors and Advertisements


What's Your App Idea?



Did you know that over 60% of new mobile phones are now 'smartphones' and more than half a million apps are downloaded every hour?

In fact, the average smartphone user has 22 of them.

Applabs is Australia's largest mobile app development company. With over 150 code cutters, project managers and graphic designers, we can take your clever idea and make it into a state-of-the-art app for iPhones, iPads, or in fact just about any device you can name, with no fuss or dramas - on time and on budget, every time.

We have made apps for large companies like Samsung and Pfitzer and individuals who simply have great ideas for the app store.

If you're ready to put your business in the mobile space, visit our website at www.applabs.com.au or call us on 1300 711 533.

Applabs - buiding your app

Offices in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.


Email: anthony@applabs.com.au 


Crossroads Seminars



CROSSROADS SEMINARS - A fre.e talk created especially for people struggling with the after-effects of a relationship breakup.

The next Crossroads Seminar for Women is on Wednesday 6 July 2011

Time: 6 pm - 8 pm at 504 Glynburn Road, Burnside SA 5066  

The next Crossroads Seminar for Men is on Monday 5 September 2011

Time: 6 pm - 8 pm at Chancellor Finance, 102 Gilles Street, Adelaide 5000.

Crossroads Seminars are presented by:

Martina Wilson - Australia's Leading Divorce Recovery Coach

Debra Hann - Certified Financial Planner

Patrick Black - Practising Family Law lawyer

When you attend Crossroads Seminars you will get:

  • reliable financial and legal information
  • a blueprint for how to move on with your life after your separation or divorce
  • plenty of opportunity to ask questions of the participating professionals
  • the chance to network with like-minded people in a safe and friendly environment
  • light refreshments

These events are fre.e and seats are strictly limited so you need to book by calling (08) 8223 5121 or 0439 889 644 or by emailing enquiries@crossroadsseminars.com.au

For more dates and times visit our website: www.crossroadsseminars.com.au



Doreen Brincat | Finance Consultant


Cash flow is an all important ingredient to managing your finances.

Whether you are a business owner managing your business's finances, or a paid employee managing your household finances, there are always moments in life where we find ourselves needing money for unexpected expenses.

Having the right financial structure can make your life so much easier and potentially save you money and stress. The most rewarding part of my role as a finance consultant is making a positive difference to people's lives.

Please call me on 08 8350 0214 or 0423 734 412 or visit my website to arrange for a f.ree Finance Health Check.

Doreen Brincat

The Loan Arranger Finance Consultant

Mobile: 0423 734 412 


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