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I focus on providing business coaching to SoHo (and aspiring SoHo) business owners as well as those people looking to turn their SoHo business into the next Australian icon. What is SoHo? The small office, home office business operators – those people mostly going it alone without the high level of support and structure that often comes with big business.

I coach the business owner, the business itself or anyone on the team, depending on what will have the greatest impact in developing, growing and promoting your business, yourself and your team.

Thanks Tania for being my success partner. My journey with Tania began as a one-person events company and several huge goals. Feeling overwhelmed and confused about the next step, I met with Tania and shared my ideas. After our first meeting I knew that this was going to be a mutually beneficial relationship.

The most difficult issue I found with being a small business was not having people around you to share and discuss your ideas in a neutral environment. Tania was able to help me plan a series of events and activities in my business that would see my goals transform into a reality. After 12 sessions and 6 months later, I held a very successful unique consumer expo.

Thank you Tania, for expanding my potential by encouraging me to creatively utilize skills and knowledge to be more resourceful as a small business. If you are looking for results, I would highly recommend Tania.

Pia, Director
Events Management and Marketing Company

Many business owners and managers are finding that they are so consumed by the day-to-day running of the business that they have little time left to ‘step back’ and look at ‘the big picture’, to work toward achieving their ultimate business vision, to develop their staff and balance their personal wants and work. They don’t have time for formal business or management training and may not have the required personal and communication skills to deal effectively with their staff.

Together we can work on any of these things, providing you with ‘just in time’ strategies and tools to steer your business, your people and yourself in the right direction - toward your business vision.

Some examples of areas we can work in are:

What are the Benefits:

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