10 ways to tap into your inner self

Tapping into our intuition is such a valuable way to help us make wise choices in life.

How often do you listen to your inner voice when faced with an important decision? By combining our intuition with logic and and common sense we make better decisions than when we soley rely on our heads or just follow our hearts. With practice you can discover your own intuitive style. It could be thoughts that come to you, a feeling in your gut, seeing messages in everyday objects, or a combination of these.

Here are 10 ways to tap into your intuition, borrowed from the book Discover your Inner Wisdom by Char Marglis.

  1. Coincidences are signals from the universe: When making choices in life it's important to know what to look out for. Many times the universe signals us through what some people call 'coincidences'. Maybe, but far more likely, such occurences are instances of the Universe stepping in to warn us, take care of us, and show us whether or not we're in tune. Life is like a treasure hunt, and the Universe is always supplying us with clues on how to find our treasures.

  2. Don't allow your thoughts and fears to block your intuition: Our thoughts can either help or hinder the development of our intuition. They are powerful things as they create our reality. They're the gatekeepers to our minds: they can bar the door and keep us from ever using the enormous power of our sixth sense; or they can open the gates so we can put our intuition to work. With our intuition, it's the subconscious mind that's active and the conscious mind that creates the block. Carolyn Myss – a medical intuitive – says 'Receiving intuitive information or guidance is effortless. What is difficult is removing your fears about what your intuition is telling you.' It's our thoughts and fears that often hold us back from using our sixth sense.

  3. Protect yourself from negative energies: When we start to tune into our intuition, we're creating an open channel between ourselves and universal energy, and deliberately tuning into energy outside of ourself. This energy we pick up on can be positive, neutral, or even negative, so we want to protect ourselves from any negative energy that might want to interfere, and keep our own energy clear and clean. Some different ways to do this include imagining a white light surrounding you or saying a prayer of protection, like the rosary. A Buddhist might chant mantras and the Native American tradition is to burn sage.

  4. Stay detached from the outcome: Rather than being the result of intuition, our desires and wishful thinking actually can stop us from being clear receptors for the information our intuition is sending us. One of the most difficult times to get these messages is when you need an answer to a deep-seated question that's close to your heart. It's ironic that often when we really want our intuition to work, it can be short-circuited by our own emotional attachment to the answer! Our emotions can get in the way of our ability to see things clearly. We have to learn to separate ourselves from the situation, or question and ask from a detached perspective.

  5. How to recognising intuitive guidance: So, how can you distinguish between your intuition and your own thoughts, emotions, desires and wishful thinking? When you get an intuitive feeling, it's a feeling of knowing and being at one. You're balanced and peaceful. There's a sense of it being right and you're not fooling yourself.

  6. Be open-minded: With intuitve reception or intuitive asking, you need to be open-minded. If you approach using your intuition with the thought, 'This will never work', guess what? You're probably right – if nothing else, because you won't see the intuitive signs the Universe is offering up.

  7. Overcome ego and cultivate gratitude: Intuition is not about how great you are, but about tuning in to something much greater than yourself. Be grateful for the gift of guidance from universal wisdom.

  8. Push yourself: You must go beyond what you think you can do. Keep asking questions about the infomation you're given until you achieve a sense of clarity.

  9. Create the right atmosphere for asking: Give yourself time to really focus on your question and give it your full attention. If possible, go off by yourself to a quiet place and take pen and paper with you so you can capture any thoughts or impressions that come up for you. Close your eyes, surround yourself with white light, take a few deep breaths to calm yourself, and say your prayer of protection to make sure the energy replying to you is coming in to guide you for your highest and best good.

  10. Pay attention to what you're getting: Once you've asked your question, keep your mind clear and pay attention to what comes up for you. Intuitive thoughts can feel like they they pop up from nowhere because they come from a part of the brain other than the place where our conscious thoughts appear. Your answer could come instead in the form of a feeling, goose bumps, or perhaps a chill down your spine, or be something you see, or hear, or all of a sudden become aware of.

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