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Energy Tapping or EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) is a gentle, relaxing and easy-to-use healing method that you can use personally whenever you like. It takes just minutes to do and you will quickly learn how to do it through the step-by-step instructions given in the Energy Tapping Workshop.

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Reduce your stress levels

Regardless of why you might choose to use energy tapping, simply using the technique creates a relaxation response in your body. Even the most highly stressed people who can't seem to meditate, be hypnotised or who won't take time out to exercise, can cut their stress levels very quickly using EFT.

Try it for yourself! Find out how in my free report: How to cut your stress levels in half in less than 10 minutes using EFT.

Overcome anxiety, panic attacks and depression

I love that EFT is a drug-free way to do this and doesn't require you to get into the details of, or to consciously get to the bottom of what has caused these feelings, before you are able to shift them.

Meridian-based therapies such as EFT ... can have effects out of all proportion to their cost and complexity.

Norm Shealy
MD, Author of Soul Medicine

Get rid of fears and phobias

I've used EFT successfully with many people to overcome their fear of public speaking (including me). One of my clients used beta-blockers prescribed by a psychiatrist, who told her that's what he did to manage his anxieties. She felt ill for days leading up to making presentations before learning EFT, and was amazed at how effective EFT was in overcoming her nerves. Other examples fears that can be resolved with the help of EFT include fear of flying, spiders, snakes, bridges, crowds and social phobia. I recall seeing one client about social phobia personally because they didn't feel they could handle being in a workshop situation. If this is a problem you face, you might prefer to learn EFT from home using one of my EFT Home Study Packages.

I frequently use EFT for my patients with great results

– Eric Robins
MD, co-author of Your Hands Can Heal You

Lose weight

This technique is great for eliminating food cravings, overeating, resistance to exercise and for overcoming negative feelings such as overwhelm, frustration or feeling deprived of your favourite foods, all of which can sabotage your efforts in losing weight.

Tania introduced me to the benefits of EFT over 4 years ago and I still make great use of this technique today. Just recently, we held 2 sessions for our members, to enable them to discover the benefits of EFT.

The sessions were intimate and Tania built up a wonderful rapport and created a trusting environment for our members. This allowed them to open up and share their areas of concern ranging from weight loss, to motivation, to fears, phobias and overcoming physical pain. The sessions have been a great help with our member's emotional and physical issues.

– Nola Bellenger
Director, Healthy Inspirations Frewville & Prospect

Overcome addictions

One of my clients was suffering from extreme anxiety, for which she took a Valium tablet every day. She also wanted to give up smoking. After one session with me, in which we worked only on her anxieties, she said she'd continue to use EFT at home. After a week, she let me know that she had reduced her smoking from a packet a day, to just one or two cigarettes a day, and that she was no longer using any Valium! She told me she had forgotten to take her Valium tablet the day after her session with me and found she really didn't need to use it anymore.

Increase your confidence

One way to do this is to use EFT on any negative thoughts or repetitive self-talk, such as 'I can't do it' or 'I'm not good enough'.

Improve sleep

If you're a person who lies awake at night with countless thoughts racing through your mind, you can use EFT to release those thoughts and induce relaxation to help you fall asleep. It's also a great way to clear your mind of and erase any negative charge associated with nightmares!

The Energy Tapping Workshop was one of the most powerful workshops I have ever gone to. Seldom does one attend a workshop and put into action straight always the tools provided. I found that as soon as I left, I was putting the technique into action!

EFT is such a powerful and useful technique for anything (I stress the word anything!)

Initially, I wanted to use EFT. for public speaking and now I use it for all different situations like insomnia, headaches, illness, motivation and relaxing to name only a few!!! I have also used EFT on my loved ones, including my pet rabbit!!

The positive results it gives are fabulous!! It is so easy to master, anyone can do it. The sense of balance I have gained is truly amazing. The workbook provided is also a handy reference guide too.

I recommend the EFT workshop and DVD to anyone who wants to be empowered with a tool that gives positive results instantly!

– Lisa Cimmino
Personal Stylist/Image Consultant, Style in the City Images Consulting

Boost performance

Sporting, acting, music, singing and exam performance are some areas where my clients have applied EFT successfully.

This DVD is a workshop experience without having physically attended one. If you're looking for a quick and powerful technique you can use virtually anywhere, anytime to overcome fears, eliminate stress and subdue overwhelming feelings then this step-by-step instruction will provide all you need to start 'tapping' your way to optimum performance."

– Leo Drioli
Editor - Adelaide & Sydney innerSelf Newspapers, 2006 editions.

Pain relief

EFT is great for migraine headaches (this was my initial reason for learning EFT) and many other physical pains. To see how quickly one of the workshop participants featured in my EFT Home Study package got rid of shoulder pain, check out this 9-minute video preview.

End limiting, self-sabotaging beliefs and behaviours

Always running late? Do you procrastinate? You can also use EFT to help you stop thinking and doing anything that's not working for you.

Disclaimer: Although EFT is a proven powerful and effective healing method, please do not substitute this technique for the professional advice and services of a qualified medical practitioner, psychiatrist or psychologist. If you are under medical supervision, please consult your medical health professional regarding your use of EFT.